Okirana Tilaia

Okirana Tilaia


Deputy Chair of Pacific Youth Leadership & Transformation Council, Youth Champion after Christchurch Mosque attacks


Okirano is 17 years old and lives in Christchurch. He is in Year 13 at Cashmere High School and was appointed Head Boy at Cashmere High School in 2019.

He has two younger brothers and has lived in Christchurch all his life. He is of Samoan decent and cherishes every part of his Pacific roots, as he believes if a student has a strong sense of belonging, they are more likely to succeed in all aspects of their lives including the education system.

He enjoys playing basketball and has represented his school. In school, he loves history and developing a spectrum of perspectives about past historic events. More importantly, he has a passion to help people locally and internationally, a value he has learnt from his supportive parents.

He wants Pacifica youth to have a voice in the New Zealand education system to succeed and have the freedom to express themselves.