Climate Change – Right Here, Right Now

Climate change remains the single greatest threat to the livelihoods, security and wellbeing of the peoples of the Pacific. The current projections of sea level rise of around a metre within the century would be disastrous for all communities in the Pacific. The IPCC further predicts that even if the global community were to achieve zero emission levels today, the momentum of the greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere would continue to drive up global temperatures and sea level rise beyond the capacity of the most vulnerable countries to survive. How are Pacific leaders tackling this issue and what are the pressures being faced to help countries adapt? What new approaches can be brought to the Pacific table? What is needed to ensure Pacific communities have the capability to manage the impacts? What does this mean for the future of the Pacific, its youth, its various identities and its security?

Chair: Pualele Penehuro Fatu Lefale – International climate analyst and Director LeA International

Raijeli Nicole – Regional Director Pacific, Oxfam in the Pacific

Mary Gafaomalietoa Sapati Moeono-Kolio – 350 Pacific Climate Warriors - Wellington Coordinator, Pacific Coordinating Ambassador for One Young World, and Commonwealth Youth Forum 2020 Taskforce Member

Coral Pasisi – is the Pacific Rep on the Climate Security Experts Network of Advisors supporting the German Government as the President of the UN Security Council (2019-2020))

Dr James Renwick – Professor and Head of School, School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences, Victoria University