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Pacific Re-Setting: Economics, Leadership & Youth 

Far from an oceanic chess board for bigger powers, the Pacific Islands governments are playing their own game of self-determination and power broking. Australia and New Zealand have significant roles in the Pacific but have differing approaches to regional diplomacy, Pacific identity as a domestic driver of foreign policy, and differing priorities on climate change and aid. What provides the greatest currency in the Pacific Islands and how will Pacific Islander agency determine robust and stable regionalism ahead? New Zealand’s Pacific Re-Set policy and the funding behind it will assist many Pacific countries in various economic ways but also in helping strengthen relationships, cultural diplomacy and working on the key issue of climate change. How is the Re-Set viewed by Pacific countries and by the youth who will need to be part of the new initiatives needed in the Pacific?

Chair: Hon Luamanuvao Dame Winnie Laban – Associate Professor and Assistant Vice Chancellor (Pasifika) Victoria University of Wellington

Hon Ralph John Regenvanu – Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and External Trade, Vanuatu

Dr Audrey Aumua – Deputy Director General, Pacific Community, Fiji

HE Elizabeth Wright-Koteka – Cook Islands High Commissioner to New Zealand

Karena Lyons - Vice President and Executive Director of Research, and Director of the Pacific Islands Development Programme, East West Centre, Hawaii